Untamed Texas Sky


UNTAMED TEXAS SKY  16″ x  20″ pastel  Lindy Cook Severns 2017

Spend any time in West Texas, and the sky will become a character in your life story. In the remote ranch country of the Texas mountains, even a clear blue sky is larger than life, and its vast sweep over the vast land can overwhelm you.  So when thunderstorms build and billow and rumble over the mountains, the wild sky is impossible to ignore.

Lightning strikes spark wildfires that rush across mountains so rugged, fire fighters often must stand by and watch flames run until the fire burns through all its fuel. Hail batters tender plants; reckless wind thrashes through the pines and uproots brittle oaks.

Yet we sunburned, wind-parched West Texans yearn for such skies, even as we fear them. The high desert is always thirsty. Raindrops are precious visitors: If they come with fearful baggage, so be it. We’re tough out here, willing to take the bad with the good.

The stormy West Texas sky is something more than weather, though. It is beautiful, so breathtakingly lovely, artists and photographers travel here just to experience the ever-changing panorama of blue. As for those of us who live under it, the beauty of the untamed Texas sky makes up for its wild ways.  The West Texas sky churns with the unpredictable energy of Life. The hand of God.

That life force at work is what I try to show when I paint a storm building over the mountains. That’s what I seek to share with you. Enjoy!

To see more of my skyscapes and desert landscape paintings, visit my website http://lindycseverns.com

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