The Earth, The Sky and the Mountain Between


THE EARTH, THE SKY AND THE MOUNTAIN BETWEEN  12″ x 16″ pastel Lindy Cook Severns 2016



Mitre Peak rises from semi-arid ranchland outside Alpine, Texas. The landmark mountain, which is shaped more than less like a child’s drawing of a mountain, gives its name to the popular  camp beneath it. My sister attended Mitre Peak Girl Scout Camp every summer from the time she was six. Kat completed her scouting years in the high desert of Far West Texas a counselor, then went on to attend Rice, a verdant green campus but with no horses grazing the grounds. She’s traveled the world, lives in the mountains above Calgary now, and if you ask her for her short list of favorite places on earth, “Mitre Peak” will spring from her lips right in there with “Paris”. To those who know it, the mountain holds magic.

That mystical pull of the mountain is what I wanted to share in this pastel landscape painting. The sky, as if auditioning to be a backdrop for a Hollywood blockbuster, wears the colors of the setting sun; wildflowers and Indian summer grasses flash like jewels displayed on brown velvet earth. But it is the mountain, Mitre Peak, with its simple, stereotypical mountain silhouette that lures you into this painting. The bishop’s hat of a mountain, with its vow of silent mystery, unites the earth and the sky into a place we call “Far West Texas.”

And I call Far West Texas, “home”.

The least I can do is paint it.

See this painting and other Big Bend country and Far West Texas landscapes on my website, Old Spanish Trail Studio, and at the Museum of the Big Bend on the Sul Ross campus in Alpine, TX during the 30th Trappings of Texas Invitational Fine Western Art and Gear Exhibit mid-April thru mid-May 2016. (During the exhibit, contact head curator Mary Bones for more information about this original pastel painting.) {SOLD!}







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