At My Easel Before Artwalk Alpine 2015

Most days this fall, I’ve stood at my easel, painting, painting. Painting!

Lindy Cook Severns at easel 2015

I spend much of my time alone at my easel. Exhibits like Artwalk afford me a chance to share the stories behind my paintings and to hear how viewers relate to my art.

I paint steadily year ’round, but as the year winds down, I always feel compelled to finish just one more painting, to create one more piece to round out my year’s body of work. That compulsion is, in part psychological– I catalog every original in chronological order for each calendar year, and I’m never content to call a painting the last for the year.  Plus, autumn is a delightful time to paint. Diffused light fills my studio, the temperature is balmy and the mountains are at their finest.  As days grow short and the cottonwoods grow golden, life as an artist is sweet.


My painting “theme” for 2015 has been “different strokes”. I’ve stepped out of my usual landscapes to paint wildflowers, green meadows, animals. And I’ve alternated a few oils with my pastel paintings. Fun for me, and I hope, fun for you.

My fall painting frenzy is also a necessity. For over two decades, on the weekend before Thanksgiving the West Texas village of Alpine, Texas becomes one large art gallery and music stage. This is my tenth Artwalk Alpine.  Artwalk allows me to personally show new work to friends and strangers, some of whom will become friends as Jim and I visit with them beside my paintings.

The Open Range Fine Art in Alpine features Lindy Cook Severns

The Open Range Fine Western, Southwestern and Wildlife Art features my paintings year ’round and during Alpine Artwalk each fall

This year, I’m privileged to be a featured artist in two local galleries. (And yes, that means I had to work twice as hard!) My uncommon dual representation came about when a Marathon gallery, The Rusty Rabbit, moved to Alpine, where The Open Range Fine Western, Southwestern and Wildlife Art has hung my originals for the past five years.  Both gallery owners are top notch folks who play well with others. So, now I have original paintings in two places, not only during Artwalk but all year long.  I’m one lucky, busy artist.

Lindy Cook Severns paintings at The Rusty Rabbit Alpine TX

My Big Bend, Davis Mountains and Far West Texas landscape paintings hang at The Rusty Rabbit in Alpine. 2015 marks the Rabbit’s first Artwalk!

My art at The Open Range is peppered with windmills, ranch scenes, wildlife, with a few southwestern landscapes filling out the walls. The Rusty Rabbit hangs landscape paintings of Big Bend, the Davis Mountains and Far West Texas.  Both galleries offer a small collection of my remarques, unique hand-repainted fine art prints. (Also, Front Street Books, across the street from The Rusty Rabbit there on East Holland, stocks my Big Bend Artist Notecards and bookmarks and a handful of affordable mini-prints.)

If you’re in the area, stop in and see us, one place or the other. Jim and I will be out at The Open Range on Thursday for their annual invitational preview party (email me for information on that) .  We’ll be at The Rusty Rabbit both Friday and Saturday nights. We’ll drift in and out of both locations throughout the day on Friday and Saturday. If you miss us, ask the gallery owner to track us down for you.


Jim woke me one Davis Mountain morning shouting “You have to see this sunrise!”. That’s how new paintings are born.

This your chance to see my new art. While my galleries, and my husband are forever grateful for all sales of fine art originals, you don’t have to buy a thing. This is MY chance to step away from the seclusion of my easel to share my art with you. Hope you can make it!

THE OPEN RANGE FINE ART     2707 E Hwy 90  (across from McCoy’s) 

THE RUSTY RABBIT   201 E Holland Ave. (across from Front Street Books)


Friday, November 20 & Saturday, November 21

10:00 a.m. til 9:00 p.m. each day

  • Contact me  about the Preview Reception at The Open Range Thursday, November 19

Blatant advertising:  Art makes a lasting gift, and Christmas is coming soon! (Jim and the two galleries will appreciate me mentioning this fact.)

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